Books for reading in the middle of the night:

Allen Ginsberg, The Book of Martyrdom and Artifice: First Journals and Early Poems 1937-1952, ed. Juanita Lieberman-Plimpton and Bill Morgan (Da Capo Press, 2006)
-Because the 11 year old lists the dozens of movies that he has seen and because the 17 year old lists the dozens of sexual words that he has learned and because he is not yet "Allen Ginsberg."

Bill Berkson, Sudden Address: Selected Lectures 1981-2006 (Cuneiform Press, 2007)
-Because of his sentences and because he reminds me, via Fairfield Porter, to keep describing the work itself.

Noah Eli Gordon,
Inbox (BlazeVOX , 2007)
-Because I read everything that Noah writes and because it recalls Lewis Warsh's The Maharajah's Son and because any affection for local poets is all it really takes.

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