"Will you see if the store has Season 6 Part 1 Disc 2 with episodes 4 through 6?"

Made our way slowly at first and then quickly, like one mad dash, through Part 1 of the final season. Tony's initial resurrection in California--though I still don't really understand the implications--reminded me of Jean Echenoz's Piano. When people die, says Echenoz, they simply move onto other lives. A concert pianist becomes a basement bartender, a movie starlet becomes a hotel manager. There are two main rules: you are not allowed to contact anyone in your former life and you are not allowed to practice any activity associated with your former life. The pianist is thus forbidden from visiting his family and friends, and he is absolutely forbidden from touching a piano. Likewise Tony, stripped of his ID, was banned from his usual prerogatives. His seductive powers vanished, he couldn't control those around him. He couldn't whack the people who make life difficult. The only thing that remained was his pragmatism (i.e. he became a businessman, but he didn't follow the rules of business). But will this pragmatism survive the rest of the season? Variations on the theme can already be seen in other characters who are likewise trying to start over, though without much luck, like Vito in New Hampshire and Chris in the suburbs. Is there a step (not) beyond? We'll just have to see!

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