Hundreds of ways to misspell Britney.

"Buttney Spears"

Has Britney been elevated to a religious principle? I am just thinking of a passage from Robert Glück's Jack the Modernist. Here is the narrator reading Jack's short story about Joe-Toe:
Joe-Toe is growing more mysterious by the page. People are praying for him. But if Joe-Toe is a source, it’s merely for puns, endless verbal substitutions: Joe-Toe – Ptolemy – Torii – Tourniquet – Torquemada – Turbot. Joe-Toe – Tonet – Tonet – Tonal – Toenail – Tonality – Ptomaine – Tone Deaf – Tofu. Joe-Toe – Taupe – Torpor – Torpor – Torah – Tort – Torsion. As a stream of words, he flows through Jack – Jack need do nothing at all to feel Joe-Toe empowering him forever. Joe-Toe becomes a religious principle, exiled from his own flesh. Jack need do nothing. Is this a compliment to Joe-Toe? I wonder where he is?

People are praying for Britney.

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