Some Bay Area Talks to read on the beach next June.

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Blogger tmorange said ... (4:01 PM) : 

wow, whatdoyouthink that is, all hizzown talks or and expanded edition of the "writing/talks" book he edited in the mid-1980s for SIU press?



Blogger -k said ... (4:20 PM) : 

My bet is it will reprint Writing/Talks from 1985 and the earlier anthology Writing (Hills 6/7) from 1980. These are 290 and 215 pages each, and according to Amazon the new volume will be 570 pages. So does that mean the new volume will have a few talks we never saw before? Or will it be all new material?

Perelman notes in the original volume (w/ intro dated Jan 1980) that 37 talks had already been given. He only chose 11. Some were published elsewhere, I think, but that still leaves a lot of material never made available...

Btw, I own a copy of Talks (Hills 6/7) if you ever want to borrow it. It's mostly a boys club with talks by Berkson, Bromige, Watten, Benson, William Graves, Warren Sonbert, Douglas Woolf, Perelman, Davidson, Silliman and then F. Howe. I think it was the first appearance of Silliman's "New Sentence" essay. And the Berkson talk really blows my mind. It includes a long letter from O'Hara showing off his knowledge of musical history through the present.


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