Resolution: read (even) more crime novels. I just picked up Ken Bruen's latest book Calibre. (Should I note that Leslie S. is into Bruen too? I am just saying...)

Must follow up on this idea of "pathetic masculinity" since it seems actively relevant to the Amnasan book.

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Blogger Reen said ... (12:48 AM) : 

Dude. You need to get "Motherless Brooklyn."


Blogger -k said ... (12:19 PM) : 

i will - i will - i will - though i must overcome my anathema to _fortress of solitude_ before giving it a chance.

this new bruen book is partly narrated by a serial killer who fancies himself like jim thompson, i.e. _the killer inside me_. in one passage he describes his love of crime fiction and he scoffs at most literary fiction, "all those wanna-be Booker-Prize contenders gathering dust, all that earnist shit..."


Blogger Reen said ... (6:45 AM) : 

Don't worry about FoS. It is like two different authors wrote the books. Perhaps Mr. Lethem in fact has a Sybil-like split personality. All I know is one good mystery novel; one pompous, endless mess.


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