Waded through the sopping weather to hear Evie Shockley and Ken Rumble last night. Ken read DC material, including an homage to Buck Downs that closed out the set. Buck's short biting poems look back to Jonathan Williams and now forward to Ken -- stop me before I start talking about the NC School. (Ok, Buck is not from NC.)

Williams: "tall can of corn" "where will you be / when your diarrhea comes / back answer me that" "nc bone & joint"

Downs: "shitake mushroom milkshake" "a kiss is as good as a smack
and that is my final answer"

Rumble: "pizza ass" "king kong's nuts" "cracked house / struck by lightening"

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Blogger Ken Rumble said ... (6:32 PM) : 

Hey Kap,

Thanks for coming, man, and if you're going to talk about an NC School, at least spell it rite:

NC Skole



Blogger -k said ... (9:26 AM) : 

okay, next time it'll be skole, which of course brings back nc memories.


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