Alan Gilbert, whose book of essays Another Future exploded in my face like a soda can, has a review of Vito Acconici's Early Writings:
"I extend the line the lineage the lineal the lineament the lineation the," Acconci writes in a single-line poem, the implication being that this line extends off the page and into the world, a trajectory both his poetry and career as an artist resolutely followed.
Anyone else caught wind of a happy-if-true rumor that Mayer and Acconici's 0-9 will soon be reprinted?

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Blogger tmorange said ... (2:59 PM) : 

no, where? it's something i cd definitely see craig dworkin doing at project eclipse.

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Blogger kfd313 said ... (9:43 PM) : 

I just pawed through an old copy of 0-9 (fr a paper on Acconci)and it so definitely deserves to be re-published! I have heard this rumor as well--with Dworkin's name attached, hope it's true.


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