"I was kicked out of the Middle East." "Can't we call in the Marines?" "I will tell them we need to start drilling at home." "What are you some Ralph Nader spy?" "You're not talking about a marriage, you're talking about a merger!" "I'm afraid Steven is not going to work out." "You're lucky. He'd sell me into the harem of a sheik for three barrels of crude and a box of cigars." "I'm about as Freudian as you could hope for in a capitalist exploiter of the working class. When I'm not busy grinding the faces of the poor I can work a little... I understand about sublimation. I understand how you could hide sexual dysfunction behind hostility." "How can anyone respect the opinion of a man who'd put his hands on another man?!?!" "I may not work, but at least I don't rob and steal from the people of this country by artificially pushing up the price of gasoline!"

Refreshing to watch a show that does not hide its libidinal economy. It's also my new way to unwind: season 1 of Dynasty (1981) on DVD.

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Blogger gina said ... (4:14 PM) : 

Wow--these quotes are amazing! Who knew?! The only thing I remember about Dallas is the whole who shot JR thing...


Blogger -k said ... (4:26 PM) : 

Yes! Dynasty goes back way before my memory. All I felt was a rush of glitzy images when the theme music came on, but nothing specific like characters, settings, etc.

One thing for sure - the show is making me take a whole new look at Aaron Spelling.


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