I love the word "skirt." I like to write "skirting the..." whenever I get a chance. I love the phrase "outskirts of the city."

New possessions for my grubby hands: Michael Magee's Morning Constitutional, Combo 3 and 12 and Combo "X/tra," and from Effing Press, Tony Tost's World Jelly and Hoa Nguyen's Red Juice. I notice that all the titles make me think of breakfast. I am sure there is a joke here about Benjamin's sense of awakening.

Bök talking a few years ago: "now poetry must find new avenues of thought beyond poetry itself, seeking inspiration, for example, in the work of architects and musicians, scientists and engineers. Recent, poetic trends suggest that, in order to avoid sounding completely outdated, many poets may have to learn a new catechism, acquiring competence in domains far beyond the purview of literary expertise." Mulling this over with respect to my own touristy romps through discourse of fashion, pharmacology, geology, etcetera.

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