At Adam's recommendation, I managed to catch Night Watch (2004), the Russian vampire film that broke all Russian box office records. I will definately be seeing the sequal, Day Watch (2006), even though it won't hit US theaters for a while. Apparently an extra powerful "Other," featured only as a boy in the first film, manages to destroy half of Moscow. One summary says the sequal has more of the F/X that we are used to seeing over here with Hollywood productions. If you catch the first film, be sure to closely watch the subtitles. The words change sizes and zoom around the screen to suggest volume or quick-paced speech. It reminds me of Christopher Logue's translations of Homer, or since the subtitles are digitized and moving, the better comparison is Brian Kim Stefan's Dreamlife of Letters. Someone else can come up with this theory of translation!

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Blogger K. Lorraine Graham said ... (4:30 PM) : 

One of Mark's students gave him a copy last month. We did start watching it with subtitles and it was pretty but I couldn't finish it because I had a sort of visual overload. We'll go back to it I suppose.

I confess that I watched the first pink panther movie instead.


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