Recently received on television... Grizzly Man (directed by Werner Herzog, 2005) It might be called Klaus Kinski and bears. "He wanted to become a bear." I wonder how Colbert feels about this?... And oh for spacious skies! CMT took the formula for Queer Eye for a Straight Guy, stirred in red state demographics, and created Trick My Truck. Instead of a Fab Five, the show "features the Chrome Shop Mafia, big rig truck mechanics who 'steal' the rigs of lucky truck drivers and customize them, turning the drivers' dreams into reality."

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Blogger K. Lorraine Graham said ... (5:17 PM) : 

Mark and I just watched G. Man on Discovery last Friday. It was disturbing and interesting.


Blogger -k said ... (5:40 PM) : 

We watched it this weekend on the DiscovCh too. I wonder if the return of the "19c circus freakshow" will be driven by the widespread use of videocameras, as in lots of individuals filming themselves, only to be edited later by documentary auteurs.

I like Herzog, so GzMn gave me much food for thought in terms of his other films, esp. the parts about nature as chaos & death. (Maybe I shouldn't say 'food' in this context.) Herzog claims to deliver an objective portrayal, but then he says, "I have seen this kind of temper on a movie set before," and even though that's all he says, you know this guy reminds him of Kinski.

Also one other part that lingers in my mind was the interview with the parents. Herzog implied that the conformism of the suburbs made the grizzley man long for escape and self-tranformation (first as an actor, then as a new life in nature). But then reality got the better. The patriotic decorations at the parent's house (also the stuffed bears) were suffocating.


Blogger K. Lorraine Graham said ... (10:13 PM) : 

The moment with his parents was the most creepy. Herzog called them a "typical middle class family," but it was so working class, and the father put on a "he was just an average athletic kid" while his mother looked sad and anxious and hugged the bears. GzMn clearly had an addictive personality and was conscious of always performing and being, well grandiose. I was sorry that we couldn't learn more about the girlfriend.

I felt particularly f-ed up during the scenes with the foxes.

19th century freakshow is coming, yes.

I don't know his other films well. But now that I live in the suburbs I am watching more movies.


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