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Blogger Jessica Smith said ... (1:18 PM) : 

this photo is pretty--what is it?
i thought popeye ate spinach because spinach has vitamins and nutrients you need to stay strong.
but that was probably naiive of me.
because it does seem like a performance enhancing drug, the way he downs it and grows muscles and then bacn beat up beefheads. does this mean you're going to start obsessively watching popeye instead of film noir? what's happening with the film noir stuff?

speaking of "noir," someone got to my blog today by searching for "jessica kaplan death". I assume someone named Jessica Kaplan died and that this is not a bad omen for us.

i'll happily drive you to Balt. Friday if you're willing; I'm sure someone will be driving back. Can you convince Dan or Rod & mel to go?


Blogger -k said ... (1:27 PM) : 

It's an installation by Mei-Ling Hom in the main lobby of the Sackler Museum.

Captain America is a better example of doping/steroids. He was a scrawny private in WW2 who volunteered for an experimental "super soldier serum" which turned him into an "ideal man." I was thinking of other examples and Popeye came to mind.

The noir project petered out for the time being.

Yes, bad omen on the search. I will be careful for the rest of the day.

Lemme' call 'round for B'more.


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