A mix of poets singing badly:

Helen Adam, "Cheerless Junkie Song" (1975)
Helen Adam, "Apartment on Twin Peaks" (1977)
Kenward Elmslie, "The Woolworth Song" (1978)
Kenward Elmslie, "Saga of Skunk's Misery" (1980)
Anne Waldman, "Uh-oh Plutonium" (1984)
Drew Gardner, "Segue Reading at BPC" (2005)

I must be missing tons, so please help to expand the list. By badly I mean singing that grates against the standard voice of platinum record or top-40 music. I should probably also distinguish between a gravelly voice that produces negativity and a mellow or powerful voice that parodies popular music, i.e. Waldman's track. But in any event folks who can actually sing or sound pleasant with musical accompaniment--like Nate Mackey or Lisa Jarnot--don't count here.

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Blogger Ray said ... (5:17 PM) : 

although i very much enjoyed the lisa jarnot book which you recommended, this makes me like it less. i don't like people who can sing! i'm too jealous of them.


Blogger -k said ... (5:38 PM) : 

oh but great things can be done w/ bad singing...


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