Miles of smiles! Botox is known as a "lunch hour" procedure. Sander Gilman reports that a total of 208,000 botox, fat, and collagen injections were performed in 1995 (Making the Body Beautiful, 1999). He notes that use of injectable animal collagens has dropped thanks to mad cow disease.

When I first read "lunch hour," I thought of Frank O'Hara. I know more than a few poets who write poems during the lunch hour. To think they could be getting low-level cosmetic treatment instead.

I probably shouldn't mention anything like botox at the Croissant Factory for the time being. My blog is currently under review by Blogger&Co because the "spam-prevention robots have detected that the blog has characteristics of a spam blog." Oh well. It's something about nostalgia for a misplaced standard of the human (or just a misplaced nostalgia).

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