Cardinal Richelieu (1935) "This crafty priest has overstepped his bounds!" "I see a vicious, greedy monster hiding his true self behind the red robes of his office!" "Look! Mother of Heaven! I told you he isn't human!" "That impudent churchman!" Richelieu enters after fifteen minutes of build-up. We hear his first words as he emerges from a secret doorway, "I have a feeling that I am subject to this absorbing bit." The king's mother yells at him, "Secret entrances, eavedropping? This is intolerable!" I have the film on in the background during obligatory busy work, but the parallels to '06 are too much. Now switch to Palais-Cardinal, "the actual seat of the French Government" From here the action largely takes place while Richelieu sits behind a desk. "I like you. I admire your candor. When do I get the tubs of gold?" The King reads a dispatch, "'If your majesty desires someone to love, love me, Richelieu.' I'll have that man's head!... If I could rule the country without him."

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