It's Saturday, I'm reading about the military use of "pep pills" in WW2 and long after. Isn't there a scene in Saving Private Ryan where the Tom Hanks character and one of his soldiers are too anxious to fall asleep? I think there might be another reason. This book Testosterone Dreams (U of California P, 2005) also covers the economic (rather than military or athletic) use of amphetamines. A super-trader who never needs to sleep can stay on top of the Nasdaq, the Nikkei, and whatever other stock exchange is open at a given hour. Talk about the new totality! (Um, yeah, poetry enters this line of thought somewhere.)

So the weather is cold, but in a few minutes I'm jogging over to the YMCA where I'll listen to some new downloads (a new noun). At 2pm I'm going to an Ethiopian coffee ceremony at a little cafe up the street. I hope they'll talk a little about Mussolini. Then later tonight is a holiday party way down in Alexandria. Yuck, 45 minutes to get there.

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