December! It's late on Sunday afternoon, already dark, and the house smells like plum sauce. Last night on the way to dinner I saw a large group of people dressed in Santa Clause and elf costumes. They were entering a bar and shouting "Santa needs a drink!" Lewis, Katt, Lorraine, Tom and I ate around the corner at Malaysian Kopitan. I had stuffed lotus blossoms (E12 on the menu) and afterwards a cup of sweet Malaysian coffee. Ryan and Lewis gave wonderful readings. Lewis brought some presents: his Ted's Favorite Skirt and Information From The Surface Of Venus, Bernadette Mayer's Book of Golden Words, and Bill Kushner's That April. Do you know Kushner? I am in a better mood just reading him.

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Blogger Jessica Smith said ... (11:02 PM) : 

i aint' read kushner yet, but i wanted to tell you that my horoscope for today says, and i quote,

Pretend your brilliant and you really will be.


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