5:15. Torn between A. Kunin on Milton, A.L. Nielsen on Dasein of Georgia Ave, and perhaps a science panel that would be useful for current line of inquiry.

7:00. The money is on J. Halberstam and Tim Dean. Last year's Schuyler panel was the "best in Philly" in my humble... Tough choice though because gotta miss war poems and 1950s.

8:45. Probably say goodnight, though I can't help but notice the title of a paper "Contemporary American Children's Poetry and the 'School of Quietude'" that employs strangely familiar terminology.

*Noting also at least two talks on Tariq Ali on the first evening alone.

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Blogger Jessica Smith said ... (10:27 PM) : 

did you go to tim dean's panel? he is such a nice guy.


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