-Today over at RS a lot of people are hearing about the new journal The Tiny. The first issue has poems by many familiar names, but also some new ones who will jump you from behind. The great thing is we've been in secret negotiations with the editors, and now a contingent from the first issue is slated to read at the Ruthless Grip season opener on Sept 10. Keep an eye on this webpage for the full lineup.

-Listening to Hold Steady sent me back to the Pogues this afternoon. For some reason there is only one album on Itunes, but I can't imagine they were very difficult to get hold of when I had two CDs about ten years ago. Or maybe one was a solo recording by Shane MacGowan? I can't remember. The Pogues have an album Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash, and I wonder whether JB was thinking of them or perhaps something else.

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