-Saved about half on the airline tickets by waiting to come back until Monday evening. We figured to spend the extra day touring Dallas, since we saw a good deal of Ft Worth two years ago for another friend's wedding. (Last time, also, I flew in early, rented a car, and drove down to see the Zukofsky and Beckett papers in Austin.) But then we have this blurb from Wikitravel:
Dallas is a convention city. There's very little cool interesting tourist stuff, unless you count special events, like the state fair, holiday items, chili cook offs, taste of Dallas, the Ewing Ranch, important places in US history, the Aquarium, etc. Basically all you can do is people watch and drink. Beer works at this altitude as well as anywhere. But don't expect to see many cowboys. Unless you go to one of the huge country dance places, which is highly recommended if you're from far away. There's a lot of adult entertainment for men. There are some huge churches.

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