-Dreamt that I had to put on a reunion for another family, but the next day we switched places, and they had to put on my family reunion. Meanwhile the state ruled that my grandmother's woods did not have the right density of elm trees, so she was forbidded to bury anymore garbage, and they were sending a man to pave the dirt road named for my grandfather. Some of the events took place while sitting on a screened porch and standing around a kitchen with green or yellow linoleum floors.

-The family theme might come from the new reality show Airline that caught my attention last night. Set in BWI, the airport that we use the most, the show focuses on airline employees, security guards, and travellers. I didn't mean to watch the show, but the sight of people in awkward situations is very manipulative to me.

-Lost power for two hours yesterday and now another hour this morning.

-Prepping for fall, glancing at newspapers, newsmags, newsblogs, etcetera. Later this evening headed to a team bbq down near Eastern Market.

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