Architecture competition involving the water towers of Chicago. The rules say nothing about not accepting poems:


The purpose of this project is to promote awareness of urban water tanks within the City of Chicago and to encourage their preservation either as artifacts, or through creative reuse.

The majority of water tanks in Chicago were erected as gravity tanks for fire-suppressant systems, some of which are still in use. However, with changing technologies many tanks have become redundant and are now disused. The ongoing survival of these tanks has a direct cost/benefit relationship to their utility to the property owner versus their financial and liability risks. While these tanks are private property they have long contributed to the urban flavor of Chicago and their disappearance is a civic injury suffered by all. This competition is an open inquiry into the question of how to balance public good and private property rights.


To engage the creative and technical communities in the question of how best to preserve, reuse and promote Historic Water Tanks within the City of Chicago. This is an interdisciplinary competition seeking to engage architects, artists, engineers and preservation professionals, among others, in both individual and collaborative efforts.

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