Lynne Dreyer in Tottel's 17 (1978)

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Blogger Ryan W. said ... (4:29 PM) : 

I'm listening to that steve evans thing about audio ubiquity. it just faded out while he or he was talking about tenurable knowledge, which is quite a phrase. the dates on your blog are very tiny. I haven't listened to the dreyer audio but will. "now everyone's only interested in how well they're doing" and "that one slip of the forehead and it's over" are two quotes from her "Dear Celia" letter (The Letters) which is dated 29 years before my car was hit by a van. those are two good quotes. the bad news is you can't consume everything, the good news is that there are about a million things that seem to contain or comprehend all the things you can't consume, and you can consume any number of those million things, not any number, but maybe twenty or so. in any case that's twenty everythings. I'm going to link to the audio about audio.


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