I once saw Charles Bernstein time his cell phone to go off during a reading. Even better Chris had a line about planes flying overhead and seconds later a plane from SFO cruised low over Potrero Hill in the distance. Also observed: a cat on the rooftops, a cat in the window, and neighbors giving a friendly hello to the 50+ folks suddenly standing around in the backyard for the reading.

I saw Robert Duncan's house and stained-glass windows.

I talked about deals at SPD.

I saw an impressive assortment of Deutsche Demokratische Republik kitsch.

I heard about many forthcoming books that I want to read.

I came home with books and papers that weigh more than the gifts I brought for my kind hosts.

I got the evil eye from the person sitting next to me on the plane when she saw the back cover of Geraldine Kim's Povel, so I took out Dodie Bellamy's Cunt-Ups and started reading it instead.

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