I am selfish, yes, but I think I'm selfish in a realistic way. Which, actually, is not being selfish.
I've stopped yanking out gray hairs as they appear now. Now I just let them accumulate and every now and then I have a big yanking session.
-Brainard, "Self Portrait: 1971" in New Work (Black Sparrow, 1973)

My recent scouring of the library consortium for any fugitive small press acquisitions has turned up a few decent picks. By far the majority of these books haven't been checked out more than once per decade. The surprise exception is Bruce Andrews's Film Noir (Burning Deck, 1978) which has a due slip with dozens of dates. Not to shirk on the widespread popularity of Andrews, but I'm going to bet this one can be chalked up to the topic of the title... But you want to see an interesting Andrews chapbook from back in the day? Check out Edge (1973) over at the new revamped site for Project Eclipse. See esp. the handwritten passages on p.3 and p.12 of the PDF (which is not small).

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Blogger Jessica Smith said ... (5:07 PM) : 

once upon a time bruce andrews wrote good poetry. thanks for the link.

on the "i'd like yr body" poem, it reminds me of breton. perhaps a less artistically adept breton. i just mean it's not "mature." but of course it takes a long time for a poet to "mature" and if we only get to write 6 good poems, well.

bruce, you should really get back to the visuals. LOVE SONGS was some of your best stuff.


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