As much as I liked having the MLA in my backyard, I don't think DC is the best place to have it. The sites are too spread out, and everything from lodging to food is way too pricey. Some folks were no doubt caught unawares by the price of an $8 beer at certain hotels. The MLA does not need all the fancy chandeliers, even if they were a nice distraction during a few more tedious talks. I was happy, though, to have people come stay with me, and I apologize for the hammering that started each morning at 7:15am. The roof was supposed to be done in October, not the last week of December, and it was supposed to take two days, not the whole week.

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Blogger Jessica Smith said ... (8:37 PM) : 

kap, thx for letting us stay with you. the hammering was no problem. i slept right thru it.


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