summer ultimate

So far my summer pro team (p20, still nameless in plain white shirts) is just warming up. That's a nice way of saying that we are one week in and our record is 0-2. The game last Tues really was ours until the last few points. This Tues we lacked the flow and continuation necessary to make it up the field, much less to the endzone. Most of our players are tall, incredibly athletic, and more or less experienced. By this I mean they can pass against a break mark and catch even a sloppy throw without any serious problem. The main issue is that we don't really know each other yet. We don't know who can play what, who should not play what, etc. Another big issue is that nobody will make the second and third cut. The handler who makes the first cut is often left stranded like on a deserted island. This problem will work itself out in the coming weeks, or so I hope! Anyway tonight is the first time that I get to play with my rec team. I was still pretty feverish Wednesday of last week, and M wouldn't let me out of the house. (She wasn't around to stop me for the pro game of the previous night.) The rec team lost last week too, but I don't know the details. Apparently we are supposed to wear Hawaiian shirts tonight?

And LATER: We were losing most of the game but then rallied at the very end and won 15-13. A well-timed thunderstorm came through around 6pm and left the fields still playable but very wet. Near the start of the game I laid out for a catch in the endzone and then slid about ten feet, sort of like a slip'n'slide. Now this morning my bones are aching.

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